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TRAINING Ghibellines prides itself on its ability to train security personnel to attain its own level of quality and assurance. Training of corporate security personnel, fire safety and rescues training, first aid
training, training
on the use of
security equipment etc.

Ghibellines Security training resources are unmatched in the security industry. Training is a core focus of our operations; well trained professionals provide superior service, happier clients and better bottom line.

We deal with people, their development, their business and above all their success. Meeting this challenge requires some exceptional people. Over the last few years we have developed our team and believe that they are very special. As a progressive company, we employ a talented and flexible team of training professionals and support staff. Our professional and experienced team provides a wide range of training and development services. We are the only security company in India to have Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and trainers with international experience and exposure.  We have the flexibility to tailor the modules to meet clients’ specific requirements, and have the resources to do so economically and efficiently.

Every piece of consultancy work and every training solution is tailor made and delivered to each client as an individual to meet their own unique needs.

Our trainers are not tied to just one training methodology, but use a number of techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experiential activities,  mentoring and coaching to reflect organizational culture, individual learning preferences, and desired outcomes. We are equally flexible in our service provision; programmes can be run at client’s own premises, at our training institutes, or another convenient venue. This flexibility, coupled with our attention to detail and quality focus, ensures that our clients receive training that best suits them.

We believe investing in our employees and send our teams for regular Security Conferences and Exhibitions to learn and import security processes and policies.  We encourage our employees to acquire additional qualifications and be part of various security associations.


Head - Training Department of Ghibellines as Training Manager and Risk Analysis. At present he heads a team staff directed and controlled by him, Training Asst. Managers, and Training Officers.

Senior Managers from Operations are also frequently invited as guest faculty. Their field experiences provide practical insight to the training courses.

Training Facilities

We have Residential Training Academies to impart training to own guard force. Ghibellines Training Academy (GTA) at Sahibabad, U.P. is the main institution that caters to trainees for Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon. These are in the process of being upgraded to regular training schools. Training Academies at remaining regions will be set up shortly.

In addition to our excellent teaching and support services, we have state of the art facilities to make learning at the Security Training Academy, pleasant and rewarding.

The new campus provides:

  • Classrooms with white boards, overhead projection systems and audiovisual equipment.
  • Total seating capacity of 60 approximately and boarding arrangements for 20 persons.
  • Working models of Fire alarm control panels, Fire Hydrants, Sprinkler System etc.
  • Space for demonstration and practice for dousing of fire using hand held fire extinguishers.
  • Space for un-armed and self-defense.
  • Open space for conducting foot, baton and other drills.
  • Internet facilities.
  • Well-equipped library.
  • Photocopier and printers.
  • Live fire and fire extinguishing demo facilities.
  • Medical room for medical check up of trainees.
  • 24 hours power backup.

Categories of Courses offered

We offer a comprehensive range of courses.  Apart from this we are willing and eager to design and implement new training courses for our internal as well as external clients as and when required. Our strength lies in preparing customized training programmes for our clients on a short notice and delivering quality output at a place and time convenient to the client. Following is a list of categories under which we offer courses to our clients:

  • Basic
  • Pre Assignment Training
  • Refresher
  • Specialized
  • Onsite Trainings


  • Manpower Management & Training
    » As part of the security plan, various security procedures and    processes would be generated which would address all security concerns foreseeable at the facility, while ensuring they are unobtrusive and do not interfere with the freedom of movement and activities of the customers and patrons of the facility. The security personnel will then be inducted to support and ensure compliance of the laid down procedures and processes, wherever required
    »  Enforcement of discipline and reporting structures
    »  Deployment of Personnel specializing in armed/unarmed protection
    »  Arrangement and management of VIP cover, special security guards on request at an additional cost
    »  Security personnel will provide all guidance and assistance to patrons in the mall in a proactive and professional manner.

  • Equipment Management
     Ensuring that the Close Circuit TV operation is running smoothly. This will include monitoring movements around the facility and taking care of the allied equipment
      Monitoring the use of the PA system

  • Crisis Management
    » A documented security plan with security policy & guidelines, necessary procedures & processes, duties and responsibilities of security personnel, contingency plans and crisis response check-lists would be formulated to standardize the facility security management process.
    »  Informing and assisting the police and law enforcement agencies when required in any crisis situation.
    »  Maintain due vigilance for any signs of outbreak of fire. Carry out necessary fire fighting and suppression duties using fire extinguishers as well as assist the technical staff and fire brigade when required.
    »  Assist the occupants in partial or full evacuation of the facility, in case of a bomb threat or fire.