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Every service provider has the challenge of providing a functional system while being sensitive to certain limitations that a client may face. This system has to be result driven, proactive and with a definite game plan as to what is to be achieved within a stipulated period of time.

This is the principle on which Ghibelline’s work is based.

Value Addition



  • Reduced costs (through improved efficiency)
  • Reduced manpower (flexible staffing)
  • One point liaison (24 hrs.)
  • Complete statutory compliance
  • Higher quality manpower
  • Specifically trained personnel
  • Modular system and processes
  • Consistent delivery
  • Flexible staffing
  • Networked organization
  • Instant response
  • One point accountability


Communication is a vital cog for any security mechanism to be effective. To create a smooth and efficient information flow, we plan the following

Walkie Talkies Sets

We will equip various locations within the site with Walkie Talkies (Additional cost), which would be crucial in times of crisis, Terrorist strikes, Fire, Demonstrations.

Ghibellines Response

  • Besides this our 24-hour Control room is equipped with 10 telephone lines for easy contact.
  • Our Business Leaders & Area Managers are equipped with mobile phones for immediate contact. They have under them field inspectors for the execution of necessary action.
  • The crisis management team is available on 24 hrs basis, their reaction time for clients is distance covered.
  • Besides the above, all the Senior Management is equipped with mobile phones and is available for any assistance or crisis, 24/7.
  • Our crisis management team consists of Bouncers, Commandos and Dog Squad to handle any kind of emergency. Moreover they are trained for fire fighting at the Ghibellines Training Academy with various fire fighting equipments and fire tenders.
  • The Ghibellines Dog squad consists of 20 odd dogs with trainers which is the part of Crisis Management Team.

The timing & the appropriate level of Escalation is critical in a crisis situation. All our personnel are trained not only on Processes, but also on escalation triggers & escalation processes.