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Dog Squad

Ghibellines has seen an increasing demand for its specialist detection dog (sniffer dogs) services from clients in and around Delhi. Our Services includes Bomb Detection, Sniffing, Tracking, Crime Detection, Patrolling etc.

Keeping in mind the various areas for security, it is not enough to increase manpower and insulate your premises internally. It has become critical to develop a strong external security mechanism, which concentrates on vigilance, and assesses activities and monitors movement of people.

The key is developing an intelligent vigilance mechanism.

We need people who are better equipped to assess activities, movements, and handle sensitive situations. This person will also be able to intelligently maneuver within the culture of Staff working in offices located in the building, visitors and vendors.

Areas of expertise are:

  • Bomb Detection
  • Sniffing
  • Tracking
  • Crime Detection
  • Patrolling
  • Static guarding the only security company in India which has its own crash fire tenders.

Some broad areas of vigilance by Marshals would be to keep track of
  1. Suspicious movement
  2. Unidentified objects
  3. Crowd Build up
  4. Untoward incidents
  5. Police patrolling
  6. Rumors, News etc.
  7. Vehicles parked for overnight, overtime.