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Profile of GSS

About Ghibellines Security Solutions Ltd.

Ghibellines Security Solutions Ltd. (GSSL), is managed by professionals having vast experiences in multiple segments of service industry, facilities management and the otherutility services. The Ghibellines Security Solutions Ltd., is fast growing organisation in the field of Integrated Facilities Management Services, Contractual Manpower, HR outsourcing & Payroll management, Real Estate consultancy and administration management services.

The services capture the optimal utilization of resources, enhance productivity as well as assets, develop and maintain the complete Facilities management System and Operations. This Company has been founded by professionals who are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and committed to service excellence. We have a deep understanding of the above mentioned services as it is critical to maintaining and enhancing the asset value of the properties. We maintain the facilities to international standards which ensure that the clients are free to concentrate on their core business without being involved in routine property management.

We have established ourselves in this field through our commitments to service excellence and we implement solutions which are of international quality and standards. We ensure that all our solutions have the most essential component, a deep understanding of our clients and their needs. Every solution of ours is tailor made to take care of the comfort, security, safety, efficiency and budget of the client. We can thus rightfully take our place in the forefront of the revolution that is reshaping because now these days performance become an important and manageable asset to modern businesses and institutions.


The mission of GSSL is to provide professional & intelligent management of premises, property and people to create a conductive working environment.


The optimum utilization of resources, enhancing the productivity of assets, developing and maintaining the complete facilities management system and operations upto 100% customer satisfaction by tackling obstacles in the mission intelligently; so that customer can concentrate their mind on their prime business.


The Company's main aim is to provide total satisfaction, cost effective and efficient manpower services to every vertical and segment.


  • GSSL is an one stop property support service providers.
  • GSSL provide a wide range of services including janitorial, security personnel, electronic security system, gardening, pest control, hygiene and parking services.
  • GSSL has trained captive manpower and do not sub contract any service.
  • GSSL offers high quality services with ISO-9001 version 2008 accreditation.
  • GSSL's staffs are intensively trained by qualified trainers and this confirms to international standards.
  • GSSL extensive range of services allow GSSL to provide high quality multiple services under a Facility Management concept at highly competitive rates.
  • GSSL is strongly committed to its Customer Care Programme and is dedicated to regularly appraise every services provided to customers, reflecting an unique ability to provide professional high quality services.


The concept of Facility Management is gaining momentum everywhere in the world and India is quickly catching up with the trend. The concept aims toward efficient management of buildings, while making combined use of various resources to achieve quality and cost effective FM Services, in rapid response to the need of customers. With most services already in-house, GSSL is in a unique position to provide a fully integrated solution to its clients. GSSL can regroup all property support services in to a single contract and provide a dedicated Facility Management Solution. Our Facility Manager acts as a single point of contact for any issue related to our services. This ensures a smooth co-ordination and relieves our clients from the vagaries of running the facilities. Our Facility Manager constantly works with the dual objective of improving the efficiency of the services whilst achieving cost savings.

Our experts offer consultation on the following aspects

  • Facilities Management Points to be incorporated at the conceptual stage of the Project.
  • Selection of Equipment like Gen Sets, AC Plants, Fire Fighting & allied equipment.
  • Configuration of main equipment.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Parking Arrangements to include ideal flow of traffic.
  • Selection of CMMS/BMS.

Thus, GSSL Integrated approach benefits Organizations in terms of


Single point of contact for all services.
Single contract.
Single bill.

Quality of service

Higher level of management.
Improved reporting and follow up through use of software and management tools.


Dynamic management can propose re-tuning of service contracts, leading to increase in efficiency and cost reduction.

Internal resources allocated to coordinate the services can be reassigned to more productive tasks.Clients with large facilities or with business locations spread all over the country need a comprehensive yet simple and efficient service delivery. We believe our integrated services solution is the innovative answer to that need.


The aim of GSSL is to provide professional & intelligent management to hi-fi buildings, to create a conducive working environment & add value to the real estate for the organizations that own space in them.

Facilities Management would raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the work place. We aim to address following issues of Facilities Management:

  • Management quality elements such as engineering practices and processes.
  • Security Threat Analysis & Security Solutions.
  • Mechanical Cleaning of Premises & big installations like Railways assets.
  • Horticulture, Landscaping & Pest Control.
  • Arranging theme parties, Organization of Conferences, Conduct of Foreign dignitaries etc
  • Interior Decoration & Flower Arrangements.
  • Knowledge and data availability.
  • Information on system trends.
  • Organization and people issues.
  • Performance audit
  • Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Optimized life cycle analysis of equipment.
  • Planning for improvement and replacement.
  • Building Automation System.
  • Energy Management.